Health Foundry's mission to improve health and wellbeing by bringing together a wide range of people, start-ups and organisations and supporting them to create scalable digital health solutions.


We believe that the best digital health solutions are not created in isolation but are created by bringing together a diverse range of people who understand healthcare challenges, as well as digital solutions and opportunities.

We want to help digital health start-ups address some of the big challenges in health and wellbeing in the UK from helping people manage their long term conditions to how to make the patient experience as seamless as booking a flight.

We want to help digital health start-ups receive timely input from the healthcare professionals and people who will benefit from their product so that they solve the right problem and fit into existing pathways and workflows.

We want to help individuals and groups, especially in the local area, to come together to better understand healthcare challenges and collaborate to build effective digital solutions.



We believe that this requires a supportive and collaborative environment, where members of the community access shared resources and learning; where joint working is engendered through increased connectivity, and where digital solutions are created and strengthened in an open and synergistic process. 


Health Foundry is powered by Guy's and St Thomas' Charity and is designed and operated by 00. We work in close partnership with the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator. Read more on our Partners page.



Health Foundry is a pilot in how to improve health and wellbeing by creating a supportive and collaborative environment for people interested in digital health. We do this in three ways:

Supportive Workspace

We support digital health start-ups to create and grow great digital innovations that address a real user need. We do this by offering a range of business support, learning programmes and access to finance in our 350 sq. m. workspace in Waterloo.

Connections and Community

We connect digital health start-ups to the local healthcare system in Lambeth and Southwark and beyond. We do this via our passionate on-site team, expert advisors and strong member community.


We work closely with the local healthcare system in Lambeth and Southwark to help them use digital technology to address challenges in the system. We do this through a programme of exploratory events and labs. Have an idea for a design hack, a workshop or an event?  Get in touch and see how we might collaborate!