We're hiring a Healthcare Connector

We're recruiting for an exciting new part-time role here at Health Foundry!

Now in our 14th month of operations, Health Foundry seeks an experienced clinician or NHS manager with a proven interest in innovation and technology to support its growing membership.

The Healthcare Connector is an integral position within the small Health Foundry team and supports members with the development of their innovations, products and processes that can assist the NHS in meeting its challenges. Acting as a relationship manager between Health Foundry members and the NHS in London and beyond you will open doors and provide clinical leadership and/or your NHS perspective to the entrepreneurs.

Read the job description and apply for the role here. Rolling application process (no deadline).

Self-Care for Multiple Long-Term Conditions

Self-Care for Multiple Long-Term Conditions

Our final Health Summit session was focused on patient self-care. This has been a particular focus of the New Models of Care work in the NHS with a drive to help keep people in their own homes for as long as possible; not so much from a cost saving perspective (although this does help) but home is where people want to be; particularly if they have dementia to reduce the confusion around unfamiliar environments. Our innovators showcased an impressive cohort of products.

Utilising technology to intervene early in multiple long-term conditions

Utilising technology to intervene early in multiple long-term conditions

In our third session at the 2nd Annual Health Summit, we looked at the importance of early intervention; both in terms of early in risk factor detection and interventions for LTCs and products that help to prevent hospitalisations offering a dual benefit of reduced healthcare utlisation but importantly, a better quality of life for the patient.

Annual Report 2016-2017

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Can you believe it? Health Foundry is officially one year old!

Since opening our doors in September 2016 Health Foundry has supported 100+ organisations working in digital health and hosted over 100 industry events. We’ve provided 62 one-to-one sessions with industry experts and facilitated a series of collaborations and pilots with actors across the local health system.

As a live action piece of research Health Foundry aims to understand the current and future support needs of the digital health sector and ultimately scale our offer and impact through the next iteration of Health Foundry.

Our annual report 2016-2017 presents an overview of our achievements and lessons learned to date. We warmly welcome your thoughts and feedback and would love to invite you down for a cuppa when you’re in the area. Please do get in touch with the team at hello@healthfoundry.org 

Health Foundry Annual Report 2016-2017