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Martin Vowles, Co-founder,  Plexus

Martin Vowles, Co-founder, Plexus

"One of the reasons for becoming a member was because of the diverse and impressive array of startups that were already part of the community. We’ve made at least five key contacts from directly being part of the community. The team have been incredibly supportive in connecting us and are always thinking of how they can give further support or connections without you having to ask. Without Health Foundry it's hard to see how we would have made the same progress over the past ten months."


"With its diverse offerings, you meet the wide-cross section of people across the public, private, multi-national, startup and charity sectors, that make up and drive the local, national and international development of healthcare today. Since joining, I've enjoyed meeting and talking with other members as well as attending numerous events. The team connected us with McCann Health to be a part of their event 'The Truth about Doctors' - an example of a fantastic win-win collaboration due to the network and opportunity Health Foundry enables."

Charlotte Crowther, Engagement Lead,  Medic Creations

Charlotte Crowther, Engagement Lead, Medic Creations

Programme support

Gilbert Réveillon, Business Development Lead,  Kaia

Gilbert Réveillon, Business Development Lead, Kaia

"We came with Kaia to establish our business in the UK and were looking for a place to setup a base. I am really impressed by the quality of the programme and the support from the team. They really listened to me and our value proposition and, in return, came back with several recommendations perfectly fitting our needs. We greatly benefit from their understanding of the ecosystems being on the health side but also on the technology side as much as the startup landscape in the UK."

Space to grow

"We were in search for a point of presence in London with a double purpose: being able to host meetings and work during our visits. People here are wonderful, especially the team who is really supportive, and the space is perfect in every aspect. It's not an exaggeration to say that the support sessions are fundamental to shape and refine our product, business model and overall messaging to enter the NHS. In one of them, I've been able to talk with a representative of a Trust, which is now one of our prospected clients. Cannot ask more!"

Ivan Porro, Chief Executive Officer,  SurgiQ

Ivan Porro, Chief Executive Officer, SurgiQ

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