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Artificial Empathy: coding compassion into connected healthcare

This is the second in a series of 3 bimonthly sessions at Health Foundry and curated by thinkingaroundcorners to provoke thinking around successful technology interventions in healthcare. So whether you are an entrepreneur, medical practitioner or a health bunny, come along and join the movement. (register here on eventbrite to save your free place
In this second session, we will explore how machine learning/AI could actually be used to detect how an intervention is working, how it makes users feel and how automation could take the strain to let human carers do what only humans can do. 
We'll open the session at 5.30 with expert speakers, followed by a short Q&A / panel. Then, we'll break to pick up a drink and some nibbles and those who would like to, can join the speakers and hosts for a round table discussion around the subject to share ideas and issues we face to deliver effective services. 

NB - this is the event we had to reschedule due to the tragic events around us on 22nd March. 

Confirmed Speakers:

Martin Vowles -  co-founder of digital design agency madebyma, is also now applying his customer-centred and data-driven design philosophy to mental wellbeing in the workplace. He'll introduce you to Grace, who sends messages focuses on four key areas; confidence, challenges, positivity and usefulness from a messaging platform that integrates with popular social channels like Facebook and Slack (in beta - lots to follow) 

George Taktak - creator of WeAreVibes, a messaging platform to share how you feel to be closer to loved ones far away.

Pepper - Humanoid robot, disrupter of humanity USP.