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The Art of Communicating Your HealthTech Story

Communicating your vision as a healthtechie is no easy task, whether you're trying to convince a dragons' den to invest or trying to curate your company's public image in the media... This evening will be all about how to tell your story, raise your profile and get the recognition you deserve.

The meetup will be a two-part workshop-style event. First, Will Iredale will get the conversation started on the art of storytelling using mainstream media. He’ll give you the low-down on how to produce credible stories that pack a punch by appealing to the right audience using authoritative and relevant media.

Then we will move into an active workshop session led by Marian Lucia Marquez about how to communicate in the flesh using your voice and your body language. Mariana will bring her background in choreography to help you to embody confidence while telling your healthtech story.

We’ll end the evening with plenty of opportunities to practice communicating your digital health story and time to network with other enthusiastic healthtech community members. Don’t miss out!