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'Smart' For Whom? A Health and Internet of Things roundtable & workshop

“Smart” objects and devices (that have access to the internet) are spreading fast in health and wellbeing sectors - from medical devices to apps to monitor wellbeing, to technology used in rehabilitation and community care, and in supporting interactions between clinicians and patients. But our understanding of the role such technologies are likely to play in health and wellbeing is still very limited; there is also little policy or regulation in this area.

At Royal Holloway, University of London, we are working to understand what smart devices may mean for people and communities and for information exchange, privacy and other relevant topics. This research will inform the policy thinking at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, too.

We would love it if you could join us for a 2 hour roundtable and workshop on Monday 4 September to explore these topics together and create new ways of seeing this landscape. We use playful (but also serious) methods to get the conversation going – which includes LEGO! (What more reason do you need…).

Why take part?

You’ll meet interesting people, hopefully have an enjoyable and stimulating exploration, and most importantly, help shape thinking on the future of smart objects and devices in health. We will share the outcomes of our research with you. The final report we make will go into a UK government working group on consumerism and the Internet of Things in September 2017, in which your voice will be heard.

We start with a networking lunch at 1pm and the workshop kicks off at 2pm.

Spaces are strictly limited.