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How to Learn Web Development

If you want to learn web development, by yourself or in a bootcamp, this group is for you. WebDev.Camp will hosting this session. They will talk about different ways of learning, from online and free, to live in bootcamps. From what is web development, to what it means to try and learn it, pros and cons of different models and resources for each. 

This session will go through the basics of how to learn web development

• a short discourse on learning

•  very short explanation of what web development is

• broad options available (online , guided , free, bootcamps)

• what it takes to learn on your own and resources to help

• how a bootcamp works and different styles of camps

• experience of live-in bootcamp with teacher and student present

• short presentation of sponsor

The style of the meetup is more a discussion than a frontal. Come with question and be curious. Come to talk, not be talked at.

At the minimum there will be two alumni student, a teacher and maybe some active professionals present. After the short (maybe 30min) basics we'll have an open discussion and then time to interact one2one.

If you're interested in attending click below: