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Mouth CTRLer community workshop

The mouth has been a vital tool for completing ordinary tasks since the dawn of man. 
But could the mouth have different functions from the ones we are accustomed to?

Dr. Michelle Korda, Francesca Perona and Luca Alessandrini believe that the increasing integration of technology in our daily lives is dominated by repetitive finger tapping movements on flat screens. 
As part of MOUTHY, they aim to challenge these established methods of interaction with our everyday objects and digital interfaces and they are developing a mouth controlled prosthetic device that can interface with new applications.

This hands on and 'mouths on' workshop invites a group of young adults from the local community to participate in this journey of mouthy discovery, exploring the mouth as extraordinary tool and collaborating with Michelle, Francesca and Luca in the process of designing potential applications for their mouth controller. 

This event is run in partnership with Science Gallery London and in collaboration with Alwayz Creative.

This is a closed event but if you are a young person who would like to take part, please contact