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Behavioural science and technology in alcohol reduction services

Behavioural science has come of age. We now know the 'active ingredients' of behavioural change and we can proactively design digital interventions that really work.

Join innovation agency Fluxx in an interactive workshop where they will share their experiences of using behavioural science to design solutions to healthcare problems.

Speakers / facilitators include:
- Rupert Tebb + Paul Batterham, from Fluxx, designers of Spruce, an alcohol reduction service
- David Crane, designer of Drink Less app for UCL
- Laura Willoughby, founder of Club Soda a community for people cutting down a bit or giving up alcohol

In this session you'll get:
- a short introduction to behavioural science
- case studies from Rupert Tebb, David Crane and Laura Willoughby on alcohol reduction services they have prototyped
- a chance to roll your sleeves up and design a service of your own.

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